Obstacles and Opportunities in Talent Management for Mid-Market CEOs

Challenges can spark innovation, adaptability, and a culture that attracts top talent.

According to the National Center for the Middle Market, mid-year 2023 report, “More than three-quarters (81%) of U.S. middle market companies say they are doing better today than one year ago. Considering that 2022 was a banner year for the middle market in many ways, the numbers suggest that the market that moves America has emerged from the pandemic stronger than ever.” However, mid-market companies still face the challenge of balancing growth aspirations with resource limitations. Although they can quickly respond to market shifts, attracting, developing, and retaining top talent poses unique challenges. However, these challenges can be transformed into opportunities for strategic advantage.

CHALLENGE #1 – Limited Brand Recognition: Mid-market companies frequently struggle with brand recognition, making it harder to attract top-tier talent drawn to established industry giants.

OPPORTUNITY: However, this presents an opportunity to craft a compelling employer brand that showcases the company’s unique culture, growth potential, and meaningful work. CEOs can use this as a chance to highlight the skill and individual impact employees can have in a mid-sized organization.

CHALLENGE #2 – Resource Constraints: Mid-market companies often operate with limited financial and HR resources compared to larger enterprises.

OPPORTUNITY: This challenge can be turned into an opportunity by fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. CEOs can offer employees the chance to wear multiple hats, work cross-functionally, and take ownership of projects. Such an environment can attract self-starters and those seeking diverse experiences.

CHALLENGE #3 – Talent Shortage in Critical Areas: In-demand skills such as specialized technical expertise or digital proficiency are often scarce in the job market.

OPPORTUNITY: Investing in training and development programs can transform this challenge into an opportunity. Mid-market CEOs can create partnerships with educational institutions, offer continuous learning, and establish mentorship programs to bridge skill gaps within the organization.

CHALLENGE #4 – Competition from Larger Corporations: Larger corporations often have more extensive resources for attractive compensation packages and benefits.

OPPORTUNITY: To overcome this challenge, mid-market CEOs can emphasize the advantages of a tight-knit community, faster career growth, and a culture that values each employee. The opportunity lies in cultivating a workplace where employees feel seen, heard, and valued beyond monetary rewards.

CHALLENGE #5 – Retention Concerns: Employee turnover can be higher in mid-market companies, especially when larger enterprises come knocking with tempting offers.

OPPORTUNITY: However, this challenge can be an opportunity to nurture a strong organizational culture. CEOs can create an environment where employees feel like part of a family, fostering loyalty and a sense of belonging that discourages job hopping.

CHALLENGE #6 – Scalability and Growth: As mid-market companies expand, maintaining the same level of cohesion and culture becomes challenging.

OPPORTUNITY: This challenge presents an opportunity for CEOs to shape the culture as the organization grows actively. CEOs can create a culture that endures through growth phases by proactively instilling values, promoting open communication, and nurturing leadership at all levels.

CHALLENGE #7 – Succession Planning: Identifying and grooming future leaders is crucial for mid-market companies. The challenge lies in identifying high-potential employees and preparing them for leadership roles.

OPPORTUNITY: However, this also presents an opportunity for CEOs to develop personalized growth plans, provide mentoring opportunities, and offer challenging projects that prepare individuals for higher responsibilities.

Mid-market CEOs encounter various challenges when acquiring and retaining top talent. However, each challenge presents an opportunity for growth and improvement. By adopting a strategic approach, mid-market CEOs can gain a competitive edge in the talent market. These challenges can be converted into opportunities to promote innovation, flexibility, and a positive company culture that will attract the most desirable candidates. By embracing these opportunities, mid-market companies can effectively compete and flourish in the quest for the best talent available.

Charles Good 
President, Institute for Management Studies
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